Allie Silver


Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Allie Silver is the founder of Free Radical Productions – consulting, curating and reporting on the most exciting new sounds in international music.

For the past two years Allie Silver managed ZZK Records, a ground breaking label reviving Latin American folkloric traditions through an electronic pulse. Starting in radio in 2005 at WNUR FM in Chicago, she’s been on the air from Israel to Norway as an international music broadcaster and tastemaker. Allie has worked at the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs producing Chicago SummerDance and World Music Festival:Chicago, in addition to hosting the festival’s live radio broadcast series for 4 years. As an invited speaker in Latin America and Europe, Allie is active in promoting female networking in the industry as co-founder of “Women of the World”, in addition to being a voice for the next generation of world music. In 2012 she was honored to be selected as a “Samurai” judge at WOMEX, the World Music Expo, joining an exclusive group of seven well-respected members of the industry who select the coveted showcase slots for WOMEX Greece 2012.

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Benjamin Lebrave


Since 2008, Paris-born Benjamin Lebrave runs Akwaaba, a digital record label that releases a huge amount of diverse African music from across the continent. He started the label in San Francisco, but, two years ago, decided to move permanently to Accra, Ghana. Since then he’s appeared on prime time Angolan TV and has record deals in place with some of the continent’s top artists. Before joining Tonspur, Benjamin already had a column at Fader magazine and contributed to This Is Africa.

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Nick Dwyer


One of New Zealand’s most well-travelled TV presenters, Nick Dwyer is the co-creator and host of the critically-acclaimed television series ‘Making Tracks,’ which has seen some of New Zealand’s best-loved songs transformed all over the globe, (it can now be viewed all over the world on the National Geographic and BBC Knowledge networks). Nick also has an extensive career in radio with over 17 years under his belt; he currently hosts the breakfast show on nationwide station George FM.

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Felix Zeltner


With nothing than a small camcorder, a foto camera, a field recorder and a notebook, Felix Zeltner took off in 2009 to produce Germany’s first blog that combined music and traveling, following his own passions of playing the trumpet and working in journalism. He named it Tonspur, after the German word for audio track. Tonspur was initially hosted by ARTE TV, Europe’s largest cultural TV network, its stories spread to national public radio ARD and in magazines like Der Spiegel. Tonspur was awarded with the Axel Springer Price for Young Journalists and got nominated for Germany’s most renowned media price, the Grimme Award. In November 2012, after moving to New York City, Felix started working on turning Tonspur into the first truly global music blog which launched in March 2013.

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Ida-Sophie Rühl


„Fuck it, I’ll leave.“ Well, walk it like you talk it, miss Rühl! And so she did. Here we are in the middle of a sunny day in Cologne. Actually, Ida-Sophie Rühl was born in the north of Germany, spending her youth near Hamburg. Leaving her commitments behind, she moved to cologne without any clue, but with a lot of passion. Soon she got in touch with the local radio business, experimenting her voice and musical taste at a show called Listen! at Radio Köln. Also, she used to write articles and concert reviews for an online magazine called RheinHipHop until she steps by at Colognes biggest radio and TV institution WDR. She left her heart at one of the six radio stations of the WDR that features the best sounds of the world (and this is no exaggeration!): Funkhaus Europa.
Since 2013 Ida is one of the four residents of the cologne based party Mash It Up! and also one of the half of Ida & A-Lo, always looking for the best tunes that makes you move your ass and feel sexy as hell. As well, Ida is one of the authors of MIU!Cologne. The online blog features interviews, exclusive mixtapes and other stuff from around the globe that is worth to have a look at.
At the same time, she started blogging for Tonspur and recently takes care of the best and freshest releases that drop by daily, posting them via Facebook. (At this point: Go and give Tonspur a like on Facebook!)
Ida-Sophie is studying Musicology and German Langues at University of Cologne.

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