The best warm-up tracks for Roskilde Festival 2013

Roskilde is a town on the island of Zealand, thirty kilometers west of Denmarks capital Copenhagen. This week, the glamorous Roskilde Festival will turn the laid-back place into the biggest music event in Northern Europe, once again. With a history of over 40 years on its back, Roskilde has hosted everybody from Prince to Nirvana to [...]

14 voodoo songs played by Haitian cab drivers

I hope you enjoyed reading my story about Haitian cab drivers and their love for Racine music. The playlist I’ve put together here is a very tiny introduction and by no means a broad range of the myriad of incredible artists and styles within Racine that are out there. The playlist mirrors my journey the [...]

Voodoo Taxi (c) krashkid

16 must-dance tracks from the Tonspur launch party

When it was time to throw the Tonspur launch party in NYC, the evolved new Bombeat collective and monthly party built by the Global Bass power team of Cumba Mela and DJ Nickodemus was the perfect match. To keep your limbs moving, I’ve compiled some of my favorite Cumba Mela tracks in our Tonspur playlist for this week, starting [...]

The Bombeat Limb Shaker

Benjamin Lebrave’s Podcast: Angolan House Warming

My podcast is a short introduction to the vast Angolan house scene. I purposely chose a mix of established artists and up and coming producers and tried to keep a balance between house music remixes and other hybrids, mostly kuduro, which tend to come from Portugal. It’s important to keep in mind that many producers start [...]

Angolan House Warming

Felix Zeltner’s Tonspur Podcast: Best of SXSW 2013

My podcast is a selection of more than 2000 bands that played in Texas’ capital Austin during SXSW last week before and after the launch of Tonspur. My co-blogger Allie Silver and I ran, biked and rikshawed around Austin to listen to as many new voices as possible. What we came up with is a [...]


Allie Silver’s Tonspur Podcast: Colombian Sabrosura

My Podcast is a little soundtrack of some of the new music I picked up on my trip: I started with some obvious favorites, Systema Solar and the new Bomba Estereo release “Elegancia Tropical”. While sorting through my giant stack of CDs I found some great groups that were more traditionally tropical, like in Ondatrópica and Funk-Cho and the Caribefunker, [...]

Exploring Colombia's Dark Side