Exploring Colombia's Dark Side

Allie Silver’s Tonspur Podcast: Colombian Sabrosura

Exploring Colombia's Dark Side

My Podcast is a little soundtrack of some of the new music I picked up on my trip:

I started with some obvious favorites, Systema Solar and the new Bomba Estereo release “Elegancia Tropical”. While sorting through my giant stack of CDs I found some great groups that were more traditionally tropical, like in Ondatrópica and Funk-Cho and the Caribefunker, and also those that fit in to more of a global bass genre, remixing the traditional sounds and bringing them to a modern and more international dance floor like in the cases of the Son Palenque remix and Julián from Bomba Estereo’s new electro champeta project -Mitú.

However, I was most intrigued by a new underground and experimental movement that Nicolás likes to call “post-sabrosura”, exemplified not only by MiniTK but also Meridian Brothers. Meridian Brothers have been getting a ton of buzz worldwide for avant-garde mastermind Eblis Álvarez’s bizarre vision and reinterpretation of the tropical genre stereotypes using his own custom made instruments. Nicolás sees this as something that was inevitable in Colombian culture, an intellectual questioning of tropical cliches, that has come about due to a boom in popularity of Colombian music in the past several years.

“These new bands ask ‘And where does this (boom) lead us? How can it further evolve?’ The result is  a lyrical, instrumental, and musical exploration that creates a caricature that simultaneously makes fun of and celebrations these traditions”

So for this playlist I threw in a bit of all of these examples to give you guys a picada, or a little taste of everything! Soak up all that sabrosura, pre and post!

Allie Silver