Angolan House Warming

Benjamin Lebrave’s Podcast: Angolan House Warming

Angolan House Warming

My podcast is a short introduction to the vast Angolan house scene. I purposely chose a mix of established artists and up and coming producers and tried to keep a balance between house music remixes and other hybrids, mostly kuduro, which tend to come from Portugal. It’s important to keep in mind that many producers start out making remixes. So you might hear a dozen versions of a same song by as many beatmakers, or you might find a guy making beats for months only, with a long collection of edits and remixes on soundcloud. Technically speaking it’s mainly bootlegs or unofficial remixes which you can almost always find as free promo mp3s. If you like a song on here, chances are you will find dozens of other songs you might enjoy, other remixes of the same song, or more remix work by the producers featured here. Finding the music is the easy part: now you just need to work on your Jean-Claude Van Damme moves!

Check out Benjamin’s full story from Angola’s capital Luanda here.

Artwork: KrashKid